Broth of Bone.

One of the newest additions to my family’s diet is bone broth. I’d heard so much about it years ago when I was working on remineralizing my kids’ teeth, yet never actually gave it a try. At the time, you could only order it pre-made online and it was NOT cheap, or you could make it at home. I would’ve done the latter, but my best friend, who was using the broth to help her son with his attention deficit issues (with great success, I might add!), said it made her house stink to high heaven. I have a pretty fine tuned olfactory sense, so that wasn’t gonna swing in my house. Bone broth would have to sit on the back burner for a while.

This briny liquid has come across my radar several times since then, as it seems to have become something of a hipster’s cup of tea. You can find cafes and food trucks that specialize in broth over lattes, but it took me finding it on sale in a box, pre-made, and organic to finally get me to try it. Now it’s just become a staple in my home. Look in the pantry and you’ll see at least half a dozen cartons of either chicken or beef bone broth. My kids get a cupful of it mixed with cilantro and a super greens powder a few times a week, and I drink it almost daily either warmed up and plain or added to a glass of vegetable juice with lemon.

I always thought it sounded funny…bone broth, broth of bone…like eye of newt, or something you’d add into a witches brew….but the health benefits of the stuff are no joking matter. When I was doing my research for my kids’ oral health, I learned about Weston Price and all of the studies he performed which pointed towards the benefits of bone broth. Later, I would read more from several respected sources that also sang its praises. I’m a sucker for anything food based that will add to my family’s health, so it was just a matter of time before I was bound to adopt bone broth into my home.

So why bone broth? Because it is amazing for your body. Like, really amazing. Bone broth, also called stock, is full of minerals like magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, sulphur, and other trace minerals. It contains naturally occurring glucosamine and chondroitin which are essential for joint health. Bone broth also delivers highly digestible gelatin which is rich in amino acids like arginine and glycine. During the 1950’s, gelatin was researched in depth in France, and found to have a therapeutic/healing effect on ulcers, diabetes, tuberculosis, digestive disorders, poor immune function, and even cancer. The glycine in bone broth has also been shown to detox your cells, promote sleep, and improve brain function.

Other studies have shown that bone broth helps reduce inflammation, increases bone density, and is a healthy and effective way of adding collagen to your daily diet. One thing I have definitely noticed in the short time I’ve been drinking broth daily, is that people are complimenting me on my “glowy” skin. I hadn’t noticed myself, but after having it pointed it out enough times in a small period of time, I can only attribute it to the bone broth. I also take a collagen supplement in my coffee every morning, so the bone broth must have really just added the extra push my skin needed to really noticeably plump up from the inside out.

Bone broth is just one of the primal foods our ancestors grew and developed on, so it makes perfect sense that it works so well to give our bodies much needed nutrition today. Our food supply is becoming increasingly devoid of minerals due to depleted soil, and anything processed or lab created is simply not “understood” by our bodies and therefore adds to the toxic burden we already have. Adding healing foods like bone broth to your diet, allows your body to function as it was intended to…optimally. Good health, and great skin…..if that doesn’t make you want to pour a cup, nothing will! 😉

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