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  • Random Musings


    I’ve always been something of a gypsy….just your run-of-the-mill nomadic hearted girl.  Some of my best years were spent living out of a suitcase as I traveled from Europe to Asia and back to the States for work. Hop on a plane, fall in love with a city, rinse, repeat.  I never really could’ve imagined that I would end up living a pretty well rooted life after that. I might’ve told you you were crazy for suggesting it….but here I am. Read more

  • Parenting

    Runaway Mom.

    In an earlier post, I mentioned that I once started a short-lived online journal to kind of vent on the trials and tribulations of being a newbie to the mother-hood….

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  • Random Musings

    City of Angels.

    I’m a rare breed. One of those born and raised in the City of Angels. A 70’s child that grew up with the Santa Monica sand beneath her toes and…

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  • Relationships

    Love In Europe.

    Several years back, one of my friends wanted to start a website about love in all of its incarnations.  I wrote a post for her site that just recently became…

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